Ferrari gift

TD: I heard (a story from) my friend in Abu Dhabi.. this Russian cabin crew.. for Etihad.  She very beautiful.  She have boyfriend rich man.

DF: Okay..

TD: He gave her a Ferrari

DF: A what?

TD: Ferrari.

DF: Wow!! He must reeeaaally like her. That’s a LOT of money!

TD: Very expensive 8 Million I think.

DF: Wow!

TD: Yes all papers (in) her name. Everything her name.

DF: Wow! That guy is crazy!!

TD: Excuse me.. But he love her.  To him this is life.  You give everything to your wife.  Your money, your wife money.

DF: Are they married??

TD: No only girlfriend. But love like wife of course.  Share everything.  But this girl not good. After 6 months, Russian said “I don’t like you anymore.”

DF: Poor guy!! Did he get his car back?

TD: No not his car. You see everything in Russian name.  He can’t say, “I paid for this..”  Everything (in) her name.


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