The maid, the man, and their madam

Most Taxi drivers are quiet and just go about their work to bring you from point A to point B. Since I am new to Dubai, I frequently ask them about this and that and when you have a loquacious man behind the wheel, one story just leads to another! The juiciest ones, I post in this category.

TD: I like Filipino ladies.  Very nice. Beautiful.  They really love for the husband.

DF: Yes that’s right..

TD: My uncle Pakistani he had Filipino girlfriend.  They together for 2..3 years even when he did not have money.

You know you are a man so you give money.  But even when he poor.  Some ladies say “I don’t like to be with you.  I don’t like you.”  But Filipino lady even when he no money, she stay.  Really love.

DF: Oh that’s nice. And how did he meet this Filipina?

TD: My uncle girlfriend housemaid.  He drive, she housemaid.

DF: (laughing) how convenient!

TD:  My uncle.. the madam like him.  The madam always calling him at night.

DF: What do you mean calling him? (clarifying)

TD: for enjoyment

DF: Nooooo!! That’s not right..

TD: Yes but Filipino girlfriend say “Ok, if madam want you, go to her. Do what she want.”  You see Filipino really love.  My uncle not like but Filipino girlfriend say “If you say no to madam, madam get mad at you.”

So my uncle go to madam.

DF:  oh my…Does he like madam too?

TD: “Madam rich.. beautiful..” he said to Filipino girlfriend.  “But I love you.”  “You are beautiful.  Madam only beautiful to herself. “

DF: I see.. wait, is madam single? Doesn’t she have a husband?

TD: There is no men in Dubai!

DF:  So she’s single??

TD: Husband.  But all men go to Russian ladies!

DF: What?

TD: I don’t know. I know husband. I hear different stories.

DF: I see. So did it work out between your uncle and his girlfriend?

TD: Girlfriend catch already police

DF: For a crime? What do you mean? What did she do?

TD: She blacklist.

DF:  Huh?  What did she do?

TD: They ran away.

DF: From madam?

TD: Yes because my uncle did not like it.  He said, “You are my girlfriend and I don’t like this.  I do this one.. two.. three four five times but I don’t like anymore. In morning, I see you, you look nervous. I don’t like it.  I love you”  So they ran away.

DF: Then why the police?

TD: Blacklist because they ran away.

DF: Where are they now?

TD: She back in Philippines


One thought on “The maid, the man, and their madam

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