Rami Jabali

Being new to Dubai and not wanting to fall prey to the hands of an inexperienced hairstylist,   I searched the net for the best hairstylist in the city.  All the raves and applause went to Rami Jabali.  His clients have become fans praising him left and right for a job well done.

Eager to meet the guy, I booked an appointment and headed to Jacques Le Coupe for a haircut of a lifetime.

He seemed like a simple guy.  No fashionable getup or tattoos or colored hair or uber stylish hairdo.  He kept it plain, not revealing personality (or maybe that was the personality) in a black long sleeves top and jeans.  His hair shaved short.  No trace of artistic tendencies.

I told him I wanted a low maintenance look.  Not something that I had to blowdry and style everyday.  I just wanted a cut that would allow for the natural movement of my hair.

He gave me a simple haircut. Yes it was low maintenance but it was also very low-key.  I told him I have had this haircut before time and time again (at 1/10th of the price back in my home country!).  I don’t know if that was what my hair needed but I didn’t expect that cut at that price from that hairstylist.  I really expected to be blown away, to be “complimented by strangers at the mall” as one of his supposed client-fans have raved.

I mean you wouldn’t even notice that I had a haircut.  The cut he gave me was the cut I had before, but grown out of proportion.

I have had a better haircut by a different hair stylist (not in Dubai).  Low maintenance too but the way my hair moved with the cut made it look styled even though it was almost wash and wear.  And one or two friends did compliment me on that.  I expected that kind of result with Rami, if not better.

Was I happy?  This is not to discredit anyone.  Rami knows what he’s doing and is knowledgeable with products, treatments, and proper care as far as hair’s concerned.  Although I’ve read somewhere that he’s a diva, this kind of behavior didn’t show.  The guy has a decent demeanor and is amicable.  You can’t really hate him.  If I went to a different person, it could have gotten worse with me having a very bad hair day.  It’s just that I had set very high expectations from what I have read so far.  I ended up with a safe haircut at the time that I expected to go out of the salon feeling like a million bucks.


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