Magic Planet, Mall of the Emirates

I, along with my hubby and sis, took my one-year old to Magic Planet at the Mall of the Emirates for some visual and social stimulation.  It was a good 20 minute trip from our home but we decided it was going to be worth it and Tyler will enjoy playing alongside other babies.

We were greatly disappointed!  The place was poorly lit and very warm!  I don’t know if they put any air-conditioning in there.  We, the adults, felt stifled.  How much more my little boy?  He clearly wasn’t enjoying and when we got to the little cars, which he often enjoys riding in other places, he cried!  Next to the cars was a big scary dinosaur complete with dreadful sounds and real-life movements!  How do you expect a little boy to react?  They should have moved the dinosaur away  from the cars and nearer to the games for bigger kids.

Also there weren’t any kids. Ok maybe I saw 5 kids in the whole place. So much for bonding with other babies.

I don’t know if that AC problem is an isolated case but without doubt we’re not going back there anytime soon.


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