Beach Getaway: Jumeirah Beach Hotel

My boy is such a water person that we decided to gift him with a weekend getaway at one of the nearby beaches.

We got an Ocean Deluxe Room and were blown away by the view!!!

Shades of green and blue dance to the gentle winds, softly sparkling every time the sun kisses it.   I took a breather and opened my whole body and soul and embraced this entire splendor.   Nothing overwhelms me more than nature.

Our room’s just been refurbished and in fact, almost half of the hotel is still being revamped.  So expect it to look new and clean, and 5-star.

Just like the room, bathroom’s spacious with his and hers sinks, a tub, a separate shower, and toilet cubicle.  It was great of the hotel to include unexpected niceties such as sunblock and lip balm, aside from the usual toiletries.

We were pleased with our room but it wasn’t the plan to spend the whole holiday there right?

Off to the beach, our baby in tow.

Soon we saw that the sun was leaving and Tyler was exhausted!  It was time to go back to our room.   As we went inside this greeted us:

Yay!! Champagne and Walnut Brownie Choco Mousse to celebrate Tyler’s first bday!!! A surprise from the JBH Guest Services Team

Even my boy’s bear gets to have chocolate!


JBH has 2 main pools—one for kids with families and one for older kids and adults.

Little T kept flapping in the water trying to imitate the older kids who were swimming.  He enjoys seeing other babies and since JBH is a family oriented resort, there were plenty of such.

When daddy took baby, I waddled in the other pool and did my laps.  This pool can offer quite the exercise almost similar to Olympic-sized ones in terms of length.  It curves out though, has plant pots, and has more people than the family pool, which could serve as appreciated obstacles (or a nuisance depending how you view it) of your swim.

Apparently there is an Executive Pool, which has less people but is only for those who have booked the Suites.

Checking in at JBH also gives you access to the Wild Wadi Waterpark, Sinbad’s Kids Club (for children aged 0 to 12 years old) and the rest of the facilities such as the gym and wifi.

Overall we had a fantastic holiday.  And Lil T was very much delighted! In his sleep, on our first night there, he was shouting “aahh..” and “eeee..eee!” for like every half hour for 2-3 hours.  I swear he was having ecstatic dreams of playing at the beach 🙂


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