Social House, Dubai Mall

Our friend invited my hubby, myself, and another friend to the Social House at the Dubai Mall.  It’s located next to the Dubai Fountains, but with all the people who have lined up in front of you with cameras, and shopping bags, and strollers, it’s not the perfect place to watch the dancing waters. I didn’t enjoy watching as I had in a different venue. (See similar post)

Anyway, we went to the Social House for the food.

Once inside,  you’ll notice that the place exudes charm and character with its bookshelves, fruit and vegetable baskets, and (fake) trees.   A lot of conversation starters.

It feels as though you’re inside a huge treehouse. I got comfy quickly and couldn’t wait to eat.

Our wait staff was friendly and helpful. With all these cheer around you, how can you have a bad mood?

The menu had lots to offer with both eastern and western sections.  We decided on Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Sushi, Beef Short Ribs, Duck Confit, and a Fish dish (I forgot what it was, didn’t give much of an impact).

We generally enjoyed everything but what I found really delicious was the Duck Confit.  Since we ordered for sharing, I had just a few bites of this tasty dish.  I definitely plan to go back for my own plate of Duck Confit 🙂

This is my kind of place for our kind of group—not too fancy, just easy and comfy…so you can socialize! I guess that’s why it’s called, “Social House”.


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