bye bye redness

He’s had it since he was an infant. It would just come and go.  Showing up red, dry, and a bit scaly at times.  A pesky visitor.

Eczema, also called atopic dermatitis, is a skin rash that usually appears before age 5. It isn’t contagious, but because it’s intensely itchy, it can be very uncomfortable.  It also causes me to cringe every time I see it. Like now seeing these photos. (cringe)

No wonder he’s not smiling 😦

When this visitor would stay longer than it usually does, I would apply hydrocortisone cream as prescribed by his former pedia.   Since hydrocort has steroidal components, there’s a limit to the number of days I can keep using it.  Five days and that’s it.

Last month, even after applying 5 days of hydrocort, Little T’s cheeks and legs were still red and dry.  I tried other baby products such as a virgin coconut oil-based one (I wanted to go natural).  Nothing happened.  I took him to the American Hospital and his pedia prescribed Mustela Stelatopia.

I am familiar with the product seeing it on the nurseries of my friend’s babies but I didn’t think it was necessary for Little T to have it. Also I did not think it would be effective.

Until Now.

Less than 5 days of applying this cream on Lil T”s cheeks and body, and I’ve become a believer! Pesky eczema was gone, without a trace—zero, zilch, nada!  As if it never existed in the first place.

It worked even faster than the more powerful hydrocort cream, and without the steroids.

Lil T’s skin is calmer, moisturized, and back to being baby soft and smooth.   I’m happy to share that this product actually delivered.

Now there’s his smile 🙂


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