Mad About Deals

Guess what I got?? Vouchers! Oh joy! My heart does a little leap when I receive things like this.  I consider myself a smart shopper.   A good find for me is of great design, decent workmanship, unmistakable durability, and well, not pricey or at least not overly pricey.  A good find gets even better if you get them on sale. Or discounted as with these vouchers.

I browse through it quickly.  There are over 100 offers to be redeemed.

Shop More Spend Less on Weekdays is valid from Sunday (yes Sunday is a weekday in Dubai) to Wednesday, 10:00am to 3:00pm. The Booklet includes “Special Sundays”, offers valid exclusively on Sundays from 10:00am to 3:00pm.

My husband found them at the lobby of our apartment building.  Just there on the table next to local newspapers and fastfood delivery pamphlets.

I’ve probably just bypassed it before.

If you enjoy deals like I do, check to see if you have these in your area.  For those who cant find these red little booklets in your apartment lobby, I made a quick call to The Dubai Mall for you and found out that this is also available at Guest Services.  Just go to the information desk at the main entrance (near Cartier) and ask for your complimentary booklet 🙂

In addition, I’ve also subscribed to groupon and cobone for more Dubai deals.

Since we’re already at it, get yourself a copy of The Entertainer too.  Everything there is buy one get one free! Ahhh! I can’t believe I don’t have one yet.  This has been advised to me by newfound Dubai friends but in the middle of our move, I forgot all about it.  My sis reminded me just now when I told her about my little red booklet. I will get one stat!


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