A Sweet Review of Patchi

My hubby’s old friend and apparently our neighbor (what a small world), gave us a petite avocado green box of chocolates on her first visit to our home.  My hubby is the ultimate choco junkie!  He is drawn to sweets like bees to honey, with no reserve, as if it were his body’s greatest need.

Wrapped mostly in gold, silver, or bronze foil, slowly undressing these things is just bittersweet.   Once opened, you’ll notice nice detailing on all the chocolates.

How lovely is that?! For others, this may go unnoticed, but I love seeing things like these.  You can tell they actually made an effort on appearance.  Food quality isn’t just taste afterall.

The chocos seem to have a shiny, solid texture on the outside.  On the inside, you never know what you’re going to get.  The box offers a rich assortment of flavors.  Some fillings are crispy, some are nutty, some are really sweet, and some have wafers.

Janice, my hubby’s former law school classmate, explained that Patchi is a Middle Eastern brand—Lebanese to be exact.  It’s the leading luxury chocolate brand in the Middle East with a menu of chocolates with all-natural and premium ingredients.  The brand also has a presence in the UK, USA, and Canada.

While I will always be forever loyal to dark chocolate (it’s a preference), eating Patchi was truly a treat!  For me this brand measures up to the more popular chocolate brands in the world.  I’ll definitely follow Janice’s lead and gift my Dubai visitors and friends back home, with a taste of the Middle East..literally!


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