Where To Shop

For those new or travelling to Dubai, here’s a quick feature on the popular ones in the emirate.

The Dubai Mall

This is THE mall. The biggest one you’ll ever find.  Ever. In the whole wide world.  This houses popular tourist attractions such as the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, The Waterfall, and the Dubai Fountains.

This mall has an organic market that I often go to every 3rd Saturday of the month.  Why? Because it’s 20% off!


English: Dubai Mall December 29, 2009.
Dubai Mall  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mall of the Emirates

The Mall of Emirates, located in the Al Barsha district of Dubai.  A friend noticed that most of Dubai’s flashy car owners end up in this mall’s carpark. Our theory? It’s because this has the most number of upscale shops.

MOE also has the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East. Snow in the desert? Believe it! I have seen it but I haven’t tried it. When I do, I’ll tell you all about it 🙂

This is a photo of the Mall of the Emirates, l...

Mall of the Emirates (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Deira City Center

Another large mall.  This one’s in Deira.  I like shopping here and at The Mall of the Emirates.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe because it’s more crowded, the pace is quicker, the staff friendlier, or maybe because it seems less tourist-y compared to The Dubai Mall

This is a photo of Deira City Centre in Deira,...

Deira City Centre in Deira. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Burjuman Mall

Not crowded at all.  In fact, no one’s here!  You’ll find several high end shops but I guess what sets this apart is the dining area at the third floor.  I enjoyed having dinner close to the water fountains.  The wooden paneling of the 3rd floor restaurants makes you forget momentarily that you’re in a mall.  And with little noise, few distractions, (and well, people), my hubby and I felt very much relaxed.  It was a good moment to just talk and share each other’s company.

Mercato Mall

Just a small mall with a few shops.  Not worth the trip if you’re just visiting Dubai.  If you live in Jumeirah then this will be pretty convenient.  I was brought here by a friend because she knows I mostly appreciate anything that reminds me of the Renaissance.

Mercato Shopping Mall, Dubai

Mercato Shopping Mall, Dubai (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dubai Outlet Mall

Located on the Dubai-Al Ain Road, Dubailand.  Houses labels such as Prada, Gap, Massimo Dutti, Mango.  This cannot compare to the Outlet Malls in the US. The styles are mostly outdated.  The prices not that low.  I did find a few BCBG dresses and Adidas gym clothes that were cheap compared to those in mall but if you are just here for a few days, I wouldn’t recommend driving out that far for just a few finds.  If you are fortunate to come here in January or during the Dubai Shopping Festival, brace yourself for the best deals in all the major malls, a trip to the Outlet Mall would be unnecessary.

The whole Dubai is a shopping mecca!  There’s so much more!  Whether you’re looking for cheap or high end, busy or quiet, a place for a date or for the family, there’s always one just a few minutes away.


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