Ways of the Road

Driving Theory Test–Nailed it.  I got 2 mistakes out of 35 questions on traffic signals, managing risk, rules and responsibilities, and road user safety.  I’ve been driving for more than 10 years now, I actually expected to have zero mistakes.  Or maybe I’m just being competitive.  Hubby got the same number of wrong answers.

I hail from the Philippines, a country excluded from the list of those authorized to exchange their current driving license to a UAE one.  Thus the test and more lessons.

I don’t mind.  Dubai has one of the world’s most dangerous roads.. and I’m going to drive here??  Somebody has got to teach me how!  And I’d pay them for it.

According to The National, “A 200-car crash in foggy conditions in March 2008 on the motorway between Abu Dhabi and Dubai killed four and hurt more than 350 others. Poor visibility and reckless driving were blamed for the crashes. ”

You read that right.  Two hundred cars crashed into one another.  I haven’t even seen something like that in the movie.  I have seen worse photos wherein some of the cars caught fire but I chose not to post them.

This photo is from a multiple-car pile-up accident on the Dubai-Abu Dhabi highway on the 2nd of April, 2011. The huge crash involved 127 cars on the road heading into Dubai.

According to Gulf New, this was due to speeding motorists with inadequate distance between cars in foggy low-visibility conditions.

Then you have crazy stuntmen.. carelessly posing danger to others and to themselves.

The top causes of road accidents here are speeding, drinking and driving, and beating the red light.  Stories of reckless drivers tearing up Sheik Zayed Road in their Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Porsche cars are not uncommon.

That’s the thing about flashy cars.  It says stable despite your speed that you almost can’t feel you’re going too fast. I rode and drove in a Ferrari once, swearing never ever to buy one, besides it being extremely excessive for me.

I’m sorry to post horrific photos but this is just a reminder to drive safely, whatever part of the world you may be.

Since my driving classes and after seeing photo after photo of countless accidents on the road (they really scare you in driving school), I’ve started wearing my seatbelt even if I’m at the back.  I’ve also refused to give in to Lil T’s seated-in-the-car-seat whining.  Everyone buckles up or no one leaves.

I hope you apply this to your family too.

In safety and peace.


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