Hatam Restaurant, Burjuman

After a long day, hubby suggested dinner at the Burjuman Mall.  If you read my recent post (Where To Shop), you’ll know that we had dinner here before and it made quite an impression, hence a revisit.

Hatam, is located at the 3rd floor of the mall, alongside other restaurants.

New to Iranian food, we asked the wait staff for his recommendations.  He was very attentive to us.  He also played with my boy, Lil T.  You should count the fact that there were very few people in this part of the mall so it’s really no surprise that the waiter was very eager and friendly, obviously unstressed.  Plus I think our kid warms everyone’s hearts, hehe.  We agreed on Nan with Hummus, Yogurt Chicken, Shish Taouk, and a plate of Rice.

We were served the usual complimentary plate of veggies, walnuts, and cheese.  The salad leaves were fresh but the walnuts, I found wanting  (I have crunchier ones in my pantry!).

My little one probably found it too tangy but both my hubby and I were pleased with the hummus and the bread that came with it. It’s advisable to order an appetizer as the main dish can take some time.

The Yoghurt Chicken, which they claimed was their bestseller, was all right.  So was the Shish Tauok.  It gets more flavorful if you eat it with the seasoned rice, instead of solo or with nan bread.

(I took these pics after a few bites. We were extremely hungry. The camera had to wait)

I have to tell you that here the servings are huge!  Ok, since this might be subjective I’ll give you an idea–I’m 115 lbs and hubby’s an additional 30 lbs.  We eat moderately and for these dishes, we should have brought at least one (moderate-eating) person along.  Little T was with us but babies don’t count, plus he didn’t enjoy the food anyway.

The main attraction here isn’t the food.  I was satisfied but if I were a teacher, I’d give this place a passing mark, not a 100.  We did come for the ambience anyway.  And that delivered.

We enjoyed having dinner close to the water fountains.  And as mentioned in my previous post, “The wooden paneling of the 3rd floor restaurants makes you forget momentarily that you’re in a mall.  And with little noise, few distractions, (and well, people), my hubby and I felt very much relaxed.”  Even little T was calmed by the fountains beside our table. It was a good moment to just share each other’s company. 🙂


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