Our Tasty Brekkie at Limetree Cafe

Our alarm buzzed at 8:00am and Lil T was nudging us to wake up. I was just too lazy to battle the question, “What shall I cook for breakfast?” and hubby coincidentally was also in the mood to eat out.

Our friend had long suggested this well-liked resto-cafe along Jumeirah Beach Road called “Limetree Café”.  Probably all of Dubai has eaten here but for those new or here on holiday, here’s a quick post.

As you enter the resto, you’re bound to notice an array of sandwiches, salads, etc peeking from glass counters.   It’s as if everything is saying, “Pick Me!”.  While I thought a preview of your food would make ordering easier, it wasn’t.  This space can hold up a queue as your eye wanders from one fresh food to the other.  Decisions, decisions.

We ordered Grilled Aubegrine salad with pomegranate dressing, the Big One (Full Breakfast),  Banger, and Limetree’s Carrot Cake.

Everything was great, with special mention on the utterly delectable carrot cake.  While, the salad was undersized and the toast of the Big One was so hard it felt like a rock, we still relished the food.   I would have wished everything was perfect but taste of the whole lot overcame these trivial glitches.

The resto is not all hype.  Fine, it’s got a great location but it’s popular for a reason.  And that’s not because it has great interiors—there’s an outdoor area that has more cheer but inside (snore) it’s dark and dull.  And in contrast to most deli-type restaurants, I’m happy to say that the food here is as tasty as they are healthy.  Everything was truly savored.  This is how breakfast should be.

(I dont think Lil T liked the sun outside but he sure did enjoy the food inside)


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