10 Halloween Hair Ideas

Halloween is my most favorite event of the year.  Costume parties are my thing.  I’ve always enjoyed playing dress up and Halloween gives me the perfect excuse to go a little crazy.  Gearing up for clothes are no problem but my hair is a different story.

I’ve looked to the web for some inspiration and here are my TOP 10 Must Share Hair Ideas:

1. Turn your Halloween venue into a catwalk with this fresh-from-the-runway take on hair.  Don’t forget the headpiece, it makes all the difference.

2. If glam isn’t your thing, try this beehive alternative from the Martha Stewart Show.  It looks so sweet, honey’s unnecessary.

3. Feeling creative but don’t wanna mess with your locks?  DIY hairpieces are your best bet.

4. A traditional Halloween look—the frizz.  Complete with tutorial from pinterest.

5. If you cant put all your eggs in a basket, then put the rest into your err.. hair.  Balance it with pretty makeup so you don’t look too demented.. unless of course, that is the idea.


6. Not for gory but for glory.  This is so easy for those with naturally wavy hair.  Add a shimmery headband, flowing maxidress, and gladiator flats and have mere mortals bow to you, Greek Goddess.

7. The finish to your catwoman costume— smooth, shiny, and sophisticated hair.  To channel Selina from the “Dark Knight Rises”, add a mask and ditch the black nose and whiskers.

8. Go funky! If there were blue ombre, this would be it.  Even if you do not have the courage to dye your hair this way, the spray-on bats, stars, and shiny embellishments set you apart from the mainstream.

9. Go a step further and take your sprayed-on look to the fullest level with matchy hair and face prints.

Sounds like you need a pro?  Click on this link and you’ll learn how to do it like one. (http://glo.msn.com/beauty/1016-best-halloween-makeup-8657.gallery?photoId=122474#!stackState=0__%2Fbeauty%2F1016-best-halloween-makeup-8657.gallery%3FphotoId%3D122352)

And for the finale, I’d like to say that this is my most favorite share! Last year’s halloween, reality star Kim Kardashian wowed everyone with her jaw-dropping hair, costume, and bodayyyy!

Dressed as a devilishly sexy Poison Ivy with bright red hair (a wig) looking oh-so-luscious against her body-hugging green mini-dress, it’s no surprise this woman is famous for being famous!   I know this post is supposed to be just about hair but for the last one I had to make an exception.  I know you would totally agree that this whole look was very well pulled off.

Halloween arrives in a week.  Whether you go for glam or gory, funky or easy, colored or sprayed-on, creative or no hairstyle at all, here’s to wishing you tons of fun..and to hoping that if you go for coloring, it’ll come off easily after halloween.  X


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