Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

Little T has all our love and we wanted to give him more.  Last week, my hubby and I flew in 2 sets of grandparents to Dubai, much to our little boy’s delight.  Over the passed days we have been touring them around Dubai and Abu Dhabi, thus my late blog post.  I have been really busy.

Our recent trip was to Abu Dhabi, about 2 hours drive from Dubai.  First stop was at the iconic Emirates Palace Hotel.  This striking sandy-colored hotel capped with gorgeous domes breathes Arabian grandeur.  The place has enticed a great number of tourists towards its steps, my hubby’s parents and our little family included.

Go inside and expect to be enthralled by gold and marble interiors, lavish furniture and exquisitely decorated ceilings—ahh a palace indeed.

This is one of the priciest hotels ever constructed.  The place also offers the world’s most luxurious holiday—One Million Dollar (USD) Tailor Made Suite Holiday.

But what if I am not extremely wealthy, how much do I need? Nada.  It’s free.  Just give a little love and admiration, you wont be able to contain it anyway.


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