Top 10 Rules in Italy

Hello my dear readers,

I know I have been missing in action for quite sometime.  Pardon me as we had almost 2 weeks of vacation in Italy.  Ahh…the rich human heritage, the churches, the food, the shopping… We had a marvelous time and expect my next posts to be about this recent holiday.

We deliberated over bringing Lil T with us but then decided otherwise as it will be hard for him and it will disrupt his routine.   The solution: find someone we trust who will take good care of him.  One person isn’t enough, why not bring four? If you remember in my former posts, I wrote that hubby and I brought both our parents here to Dubai.   Yup, two sets of grandparents to hover around our 14-month-old.

The morning we were leaving for the airport, while reading a book to my little boy, I actually had a 5-minute tear fest.  Plus a repeat on the way to the airport.  My hubby assured me that Lil T was in good hands.. 4 pairs of hands!  We took this time to tour Italy since hubby had a scheduled business conference in Rome and all we needed to do was extend our trip.  He was pretty sure Lil T wouldn’t feel the least bit neglected.  In fact, he said Little T won’t even miss us.   We’ll be back by the time our son realizes we’re gone.

So to Italy we flew, celebrating our birthdays in the middle of the trip.  We have the same birthday you see, except that he’s 7 years older. (I get a lot of reactions on this—from “how romantic” to “how inconvenient”).

Anyway, during our stay, I have observed a couple of things on this nostalgic European wonder.

Top 10 Rules in Italy

  1. Purchase a small car.  All the better to insert it in crowded parking spaces.
  2. Stick to the following exterior paint colors: terra cotta, yellow, and gray.  After decades of wear and tear, repainting is optional.
  3. Let vines cover your house.  The thicker, the better.
  4. When tourists ask you in English, answer in Italian. You will look all the more authentic.
  5. Hand gestures and body language are a must even if you are just on the phone and the person you’re speaking with cannot see you.
  6. To consider a building “new”, it must be around 100 years old.
  7. Do not interrupt an Italian in the middle of his lunch.
  8. Only wine or water is the acceptable drink of your meal.
  9. Patience is a virtue and should be widely practiced.

10. Above all, “Vivi e lascia vivere”.  In English, “Live and Let Live.” Ciao!


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