Bargain Shopping in Italy: Via Sannio

Via di Sannio

Metro Station: San Giovanni

This is a flea market.  Beware, not for the faint-hearted.  I found some street vendors very touchy pulling me to see their wares.  I learned the trick is to walk fast and never respond to their greetings.  To me they tried everything from “Hello” to “Konichiwa”.  You’ll be surprised at the linguistic abilities of these people!  I just smiled politely and pasted a look on my face that said, “I am from Mars and I don’t understand a thing”.

When I finally got to the tent, the atmosphere was quieter.  The more aggressive vendors are out on the street.   The tent was filled with brand new and used items.  More of used actually but I zeroed in on this shop that had brand new high street clothes.  I got to purchase brand new Massimo Dutti and Mango tops! In my size! With no obvious damage.  For 10 Euros each! What a score!

Other available brands were Zara, Desigual, Armani but in (very) large sizes.  Several locals were alongside me going through heaps of shirts, suits, skirts, and pants.

Stocks change frequently and you cannot be assured of brands or styles, or of sizes.  Some prices are fixed, others can be negotiated ;p.  Here I purchased a silver pendant, a handmade leather belt, an ultra-feminine wool hat, a good-looking tri-colored Massimo vest (picture shown), a few basic Mango tops–all brand new and all with very low price tags.  Great buys!


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