Designer Shopping in Italy: Via Condotti


This particular fashion shopping street and those around it are just full of temptation!   Via Condotti is like New York’s Fifth Avenue but narrower…making you so close to all the gorgeous displays of current obsessions and wishful possessions!

I strolled  salivated my way through these roads and found that some goods are actually not bad, proving cheaper than Dubai and the US.

To give examples, an LV Neverfull MM goes for EU595, a Montorgueil PM for EU690, and a Trevi PM would cost EU1430.  The Gucci Heart Continental wallet costs EU340.  Don’t forget to factor in the tax refund (about 12%) and you’re down to an even lower price.

With the Euro down, tourists having multiple purchases are not uncommon.  One saleslady told me they already kind of expect that with the Chinese, Japanese, and Russians.  No wonder they treated us like kings!  Since everyone deserves to be treated like royalty,  shop (or window-shop) on weekdays when sales staff are at their best.  Friday nights and weekends are so busy it can turn the King into King Kong.  Happy shopping 🙂


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