Merry Christmas!!!

This is my first time to spend Christmas away from my extended family, relatives and long-time friends.  For so long I have been used to the many festivities and lavish “ber” month activities in the Philippines.  That’s right, it’s not just in December, but in my home country, celebrations start as early as September!  No wonder we hold the record for the longest and most lavish Christmas celebration in the world!  And it’s not just about the spectacular display of fireworks or splendid exteriors and interior decorations in upscale neighborhoods, Christmas in the Philippines is definitely beyond commercialism but more about tradition, midnight novenas and family gatherings.  


English: Candon Church, the Philippines. last ...

 Candon Church, the Philippines. Christmas  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



(Photo credit

3152624759_4a9eab1e61_z copy

(Photo credit: Jeffroger Kho)



(Photo Credit: CNN)



(Christmas Home Decorations, Philippines. Photo credit: Home Decoration Plan)

christmas house


(Christmas Home Decorations. Philippines. Photo Credit: Paolo Beltran)










(Annual Family Gathering. Photo Credit: Aurea Ho)

Sending my Christmas wishes from Dubai…


Merry Christmas to all our faraway family and friends.  We miss all of you and Christmas is just not the same without you. 


Merry Christmas to all the nannies who’ve left their families and maybe even their children back home to care for ours.  Accept the warmth from our hearts to yours, from our home to your home, today and always.


Merry Christmas to all hotel/resort/restaurant staff who are working today to ensure that we may have the best holiday.  Thank you for your generous service.


Merry Christmas to all mall attendants and sales staff catering to us crazy Christmas shoppers.  May the gifts you receive be more precious than gold.


 Merry Christmas to all compassionate nurses who have cleaned our wounds, held our hands, and kept us company through joy and suffering, hope and fear, loss and renewal.  You are our angels on earth.


Merry Christmas to the laborers and construction workers.  You have built this glistening city that is Dubai. May your homes be filled with light and love bigger than our skyscrapers.


Merry Christmas to all the friends that we have made here in our new home, Dubai.  Your friendship is the best welcome gift we have ever received.   A city is only as good as the people you know in it.


Merry Christmas to all my blog followers.  Thank you for your wonderful support.  I may not know each and everyone of you but thank you.  May the stories in your lives be of the choicest of blessings.




Peace, joy, and love to all! 



4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!!!

  1. How touching your blog sweetie. I wish you and your family a happy Christmas! And to everybody living and working outside our home country, a very blessed Christmas to you all! =)

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