Primary School applications..Who knew it would cause stress?

While I thought finding a school involved friendly school tours and all the welcome pleasantries from the faculty, that is not what I am having, at least not right now.

If you are a parent and moving to Dubai, are already in Dubai, or currently pregnant in Dubai, I suggest you look into schools asap.  I started researching on schools way before my son turned one.  Imagine still in nappies and drooling!  But yeah the competition for the best schools here are so stiff that some parents register as soon as they have the baby (like days old!)  What was I thinking when my baby was a few days old? Breastfeeding techniques, how to change diapers more efficiently, how to get more sleep… Oh wait, I didn’t register him in nursery! What kind of mom am I?!

The most outstanding schools in the city are swamped with applications all year round.  It has been nerve-wracking for me to know that two of the schools I am eyeing are already full! For the next 2 years!  Since it’s the beginning of another year and one registrar advised me last year to call in 2013, I picked up the phone again.  Sadly, there are still no available slots for the best school in Dubai. But I will keep trying.  Dubai is a transient city and I am hopeful they will have room.

I did get him into 2 of the top schools, waitlisted by the way so no guarantee.  As I type this now I feel a tiny part of me is amused.  My goodness! He’ll only be 3 when he enters school.. and it’s just nursery!  But you see that’s one of the pressures of being an expat mom.  I want to give my son the best possible education, because I know we can.   I don’t want him to settle on a mediocre institution because that would make me feel like he got cheated.  And it’s just easier to stay in one school than to keep transferring to better ones later on.

So my tip: Just had a baby? Find a school.  It is imperative this be your top priority.   Good luck!


4 thoughts on “Primary School applications..Who knew it would cause stress?

      • Omg!! Same thinking we just move here in Dubai exactly new year time from Istanbul… It’s really hard pala to be a wife of n expat..”no permanent address” …;). Especially we had a 16months old baby boy. Tapos wala ka idea San ka pupunta my gulay… Btw,I love your blog I keep on reading and I realize na time to find a playgroup first or nursery wawa kc si little boy nakukulong sa house. If you know some please please …thanks 🙂

      • Hi Nelda! Thanks for visiting my blog. There are dozens of playgroups here in Dubai, a lot of them you’ll find on the web. What I usually do is just take my boy to the park and other play areas around here and there I meet a lot of moms with toddlers 🙂 Take advantage of the great weather labas mo siya ng bahay 🙂

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