Dubai Mall Metro Link

The Dubai Mall Metro Link opened just in time for New Year.  The 820-meter air-conditioned walkway conveniently links the Burj Khalifa metro station and the Dubai Mall.  The walkway is lined with food and beverage and souvenir shops and provides pleasant scenery of Downtown Dubai.  It reminds me of an airport actually, until I look out the window.






photo (2)

Enjoy your journey!


13 thoughts on “Dubai Mall Metro Link

  1. I’ve had the privilege to visit this beautiful city on more than one occasion while serving in the military. It is a place that is in my top 3 places that I have been in the world. It amazes me how beautiful, clean, and well respected Dubai is. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and the pictures that you have posted…it brought back wonderful memories…

    • I am glad you have great memories of Dubai and I am pleased to have been able to bring back those memories through this blog. Thanks for your visiting 🙂 I visited your blog as well. You are really enjoying your kids.. They’re adorable!

  2. I was just there last week. What an amazing place. What really amazed me was the perfume aroma that blasts you as you finish the trek from the metro and enter the walkway with the souvenir shops. What is that lovely aroma? Is it Oud?

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