January, Dubai’s Best Time Yet

If you are considering visiting Dubai, I would say that January is the best time to come!

Aside from great weather (10-20 degrees), so many things are happening this month, the biggest of which is the Dubai Shopping Festival.  As if there aren’t enough sales already in this city, the DSF has the biggest price reductions and greatest number of participating stores that I’ve seen ever!

Allow me to boast about my latest finds:

Gorgeous lamps for 66dh! I have been looking for something to match our glossy black nightstands and this was the look, size, (and price :)) that I was looking for. Original price was 89dh which I wouldn’t mind paying anyway but the lowered cost just sweetened it more.

IMG_2654 IMG_2655

And because I am quickly drawn to everything that sparkles and shines, these bejeweled bathroom accessories quickly found it’s way from Home Centre to our home. They are beyond beautiful! Made of resin and plastic, these used to sell for about 29dh a piece and well I got them for..wait for it..Seven Dirhams each!!!   It adds a bit of romance and glamour to an otherwise simple bathroom.

IMG_2657 IMG_2658 IMG_2656

All these total only 100dh. From H&M:


I also found toddler swim trunks and shorts for only 5dh each!

From Mothercare, nothing over 25dh:


Do notice that these colored cotton slips went from 70..to 35.. and now to 15 dirhams!

DSF will run until Feb 3, 2013.  And they say the best of the best deals are during the festival’s last week.  With the DSF, come activities such as light, water, and fire shows, street events, fashion shows, etc that will quickly fill up your Dubai Calendar.

You see in January, you can tour scenic places without having to suffer summer’s stifling heat, enjoy all these (free) festivities, and grab the greatest deals in this retail-heaven city! For a list of January and Feb events, please click here and here.



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