Around the World without ever leaving Dubai


A cultural smorgasbord of cuisines, clothes, decors, and shows greet you at Dubai’s Global Village.  This venue of 70 participating nations and over 30 pavilions, more than 50 fun rides and 26 restaurants is a delight to the senses.

IMG_1107IMG_1103IMG_2704IMG_2693IMG_2697 IMG_2700IMG_1119 IMG_2694IMG_2689IMG_2687IMG_2691IMG_2714IMG_2710IMG_2707

We purchased sweets from Turkey, a bag from Spain (actually it was a Philippine booth in Spain), shoes from India, spices from all over… plus I got a little boy costume from..wait I’m not saying.. it’ll be a surprise! I know it’s months away from Halloween but I am the mom that melts on anything kiddie, adorable and unique so I grabbed it at once.

IMG_2696Our celebrity, Lil T.  He’s so friendly strangers easily warm up to him.

IMG_2713Young kids kissing and hugging Lil T.

The Global Village is open until March 30, 2013.

Saturday to Wednesday (4pm to 12:00am)
Thursday and Friday (4pm to 1am)
Monday – Family day


8 thoughts on “Around the World without ever leaving Dubai

  1. I really wanted to visit this remarkable place again but I was frightened of the accident happened last January. I still hope though we can visit this as my husband is eager to!

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