Hukama Restaurant

Feeling a little Chinese-y a few days after Chinese New Year, we decided to give this supposedly one-of-the-best-Chinese restaurants a try.

Also, since Hukama is located at the sophisticated The Address Hotel, Downtown Dubai it felt like a post-Valentine lunch date too.  The lighting, decors, and furniture were done in a soft elegance with hints of red and gold.


You have the option of dining indoors or enjoying the breezy sunshine outdoors.  As we chose our seats and settled inside, an elegantly dressed wait staff presented us with the menu, which was divided into 5 categories: steamed dim sum (5 orders), fried dim sum (5 orders), soup, noodles/rice/vegetables and desserts.

We came in ready (read: hungry) so 10 orders of dim sum to start with was a welcome. I enjoyed the chicken char siew pau (barbeque chicken buns) and the duck meat taro root best.  And everything else for me was tasty neither overly fried nor having too much MSG.  Even Lil T with his restaurant-provided kiddie orange plastic plate and utensils was chowing his way through the varied selection of dim sum.  But hubby being a fan of chee cheong fun so much that he wanted our first born to be named that (!!) wasn’t too happy with Hukama’s version.


After we finished our hot and sour soup, our tummies were already losing space.  But then this brunch wasn’t over yet and a selection of noodles were served on our table.

IMG_2737 copyIMG_2737

A few mouthfuls of each and we declared the wok fried duck noodles our fave among the three.   You could taste the succulence of the duck meat and its wonderful juices.

For dessert, hubby and I both ordered chilled mango and pomelo soup with berries and sago pearls.  It was alright, not good but not bad either.


By this time we were already recalling the best Chinese eateries we had in Kuala Lumpur, where hubby was previously assigned.  They didn’t have all the bells and whistles of Hukama but you kept coming back because the food was full of flavor without costing anything close to 145 dirhams.

Still, I would say that in a location like this and with the look and feel of a high-end restaurant in terms of ambience and service, Hukama’s Friday brunch prices are reasonable. It did feed two and a half for lunch..and because we took home about 2/3 of our noodles or else our tummies would pop..and dinner 🙂


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