Yogafest 2013


I started this morning harnessing my physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines in a serene outdoor setting surrounded by tens of likeminded individuals spreading calm and harmony if only through our collective efforts.

Today marks the start of a 2-day Yogafest at the Dubai Internet City’s amphitheater.  Despite being amidst tall company buildings, this place is a surprise refuge with enough green space, water spots, and even flying birds.


After the Fitness First Team did a powerful yoga demonstration, I wanted to hide!  I assumed that this was a taste of the classes and here I was be surrounded by all these yogaholics and I’d be the only one who won’t be able to do the crow pose perfectly.  Fortunately, the classes were pretty basic.   Phew! So don’t get intimidated.  This is after all your own experience.  The practice is all about you.


The Yoga Fest tent is quite small though so if you dislike the sun, secure a spot in the shade quickly–as soon as one class ends and before yours begin.


I stayed until early afternoon only but until now (already past 10:00p.m.) I feel fitter, happier, and more at peace.  The effects of a couple of classes resonated throughout my entire day.   If my hubby did not make plans for us tom, I would actually go back.  How about you? Have you made any plans already?  Why not try one, or two, or three Yogafest classes?  If twisting and turning is not your thing, you can also opt for meditation classes, which is free as well.  IMG_2757

Sending peace your way.

Om Shanti.


5 thoughts on “Yogafest 2013

  1. I’ve always wanted to try yoga but like the comment up there, I think I would have to try so hard to concentrate so hard. But my friend who has been doing it for years said it’s just a matter of getting used to and it’s very de-stressing and healthy too.

    I wish there are free classes in Abu Dhabi too (where I’m based). Need to look for one! 😀

    Hello there, blog hopped my way over! Fellow Filipino expat in the UAE.

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