Big Toys for the Big Boys

Distinctively recognized for encouraging sheer decadence and opulent self-indulgence, this is, without a doubt, the place to spoil yourself silly!  And when I say silly I mean over a million reasons to!

Last weekend hubby and I visited The Dubai International Boat Show, a showcase of boats of various sizes from less than 10 to more than 40 meters, for different types from fishing to sailing, from new to used, for sale and for showing off.

While we are not considering buying a superyacht, it was fun to use the VIP invitations given to us.   What better place to window shop for luxury toys than here in the land of lavishness.. Dubai.

IMG_2993IMG_2971 IMG_2970 IMG_2967 IMG_2951 IMG_2948IMG_2975 IMG_2976IMG_3011 IMG_3008 IMG_2988IMG_3004


Since I know this post has already awakened your appetite I might as well share a few photos of fresh supercars from the Auto Trader Luxury (what else?) Car Show at Festival City and juxtapose it with old movie momento beauties from the Emirates Classic Car Festival at Downtown Dubai.

IMG_2940IMG_2897 IMG_2893IMG_2895

IMG_2936 IMG_2935 IMG_2918IMG_2906 IMG_2908

“Nice to touch, nice to hold, but if you break it, consider it sold.”








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