The Desert Lifestyle Experience

Hello my lovelies!

How is everyone doing?  I’m back again to send you sunshine from not-yet-scorching-summer Dubai.  I know it’s been a while since my last post.  I have my reasons you know..hehe..I was busy taking around my first-time-in-UAE tourist cousin and I did some part-time job-hunting.  I’ve sort of found a job.  It’s not part-time as it does not have a regular shift, so I’d say it’s more of a freelance thing.  My cousin is loving Dubai, by the way.  She even says she feels as if she’s in a “movie set”.  Hmm.. maybe because everything seems so unreal and commercial? ;p

Just this weekend, we went dune bashing in the desert.  Now this didn’t feel commercial.  We were guided by a couple of experienced friends but since it was my hubby’s first time to drive in sand, getting stuck was almost inevitable. It happened twice!  I had a mini-hyperventilation moment which was quickly forgotten once we saw what lay before us.

IMG_3039IMG_3022Manuel going uphilldune buggy2IMG_3027Tina and Monique Sunset

We arrived just before sunset and witnessed the sand go from a welcoming deep shade of beige to a fiery reddish hue before it finally settled into darkness softly lit by the glowing moon and several constellations.

In between roasting marshmallows, lighthearted conversations and stargazing, we had a mild Lawrence-of -Arabia-roller-coaster experience via a local friend of the organizer who drove us in his dune buggy. This same local guy spent over an hour wood cooking an excellent chicken biryani for all us in the group, without even knowing our names before this whole trip.   I was amazed at his generosity.   Someone informed me that it is really part of the Arab culture to be hospitable 🙂


The whole experience was a refreshing break to the city’s glittering skyscrapers.  In the desert, it is just you and a horizon with seemingly eternal connection to the sun, the sand, and the stars.

There are several companies that offer the dune bashing experience complete with henna tattoos, an Arabic dinner, and even belly dancing lessons.  The ride could be truly unforgettable as these company drivers seem to want to fly the vehicle! Downside is you are on schedule and can’t leave early or stay as long as want.. and with all the tourist-y activities you have in the desert, it does not feel as nomadic anymore.

Whether you chose to do it your way or through a desert safari company, I wish you an enjoyable experience.  May you find beauty in this barren land.


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