Expecting a Princess

I loved being preggo, aside from all the care and extra attention, I enjoyed feeling a baby in my tummy.   When I knew my neighbor was preggy, I had a flashback of all my emotions—good and not so–haha, but mostly good.

My neighbor, Isa, and her family are leaving Dubai next week after staying here for a couple of years.  That’s how it is here.   It’s a transient city and people come and go.   I know the stress that comes with packing and moving, and the sadness that comes with leaving.

So because I wanted to pamper a pregnant lady, I along with our other friends, threw her a shower.  I love celebrations and I enjoyed making decorations myself—choosing complementary colors, cutting and putting things together.  I’m a girly girl so this was no chore to me. It came out nice, so they say.

And I’m pleased Isa was so happy and touched 🙂

photo (6)IMG_3198IMG_3195IMG_3200IMG_3230


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