360 Club, Jumeirah Beach Hotel

A perennial favorite of tourists and expats alike,  this odd-looking club is hardly noticeable from the rest of the hotel.  It is positioned so far out, sitting in the middle of the sea.

Walking toward 360 takes a bit of an effort. Somewhere back in Florence, I was relishing skipping on cobblestones but right here in the middle of a windy Dubai night, for someone wearing high heels, it was anything but pleasant.   Buggies are available but Jumeirah Beach Hotel is busy, even on weeknights.

Once you finally get there, you’ll see that the place wows! Classy interiors don’t fail to impress.  Plus one hundred meters into the sea promises a spectacular view of the Arabian Gulf and the Burj Al Arab.  And it doesn’t hurt that this club offers unparalleled views of sunset.

What surprised me is that it’s actually comfy with a chill kind of vibe.  Not the type of club where people stare each other down.   Crowd at that time (Tues night) was a mix of office people, boy band types, couples dating, and a few single ladies.

We ordered some cocktails, took some photos (with my itouch, pardon me, it’s blurry) , then left for dinner at Latitude Restaurant.

photo (6)


4 thoughts on “360 Club, Jumeirah Beach Hotel

  1. There is also a Club 360 here in Bahrain! Not in a beach set up though. But it’s one of the popular hang outs here. Got good interiors too. Maybe all establishments named “360” should be wow and classy!

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