Beach Getaway: Kite Beach

This beautiful shoreline formerly known as Wollongong Beach has generated appeal with the active set, especially kite surfers, thus the name.

Last Saturday, even if it was a weekend, the the crowd was small, which for me is a good thing.  Due to light wind, we didn’t find many kites either, but it fun to watch the few of them try to maneuver and control a large kite.

My dad wanted to give it a try but it was almost 5pm and we were told we needed at least 6 hours of lessons first, at 250 dirhams/hour.  A bit pricey for “trial”, if you ask me.

We flexed our muscles building sandcastles instead lol.  Lil T enjoyed frolicking on the beach but I had to move him twice away from a particular kitesurfer who was practicing on sand.

In my opinion, this beach is not particularly safe for toddlers or kids in general.  I can just imagine the hazards kiteboarding can pose to beachgoers, bystanders and even other kiteboarders.  The sand was a bit rocky too with shells and other loose particles close to the water. As much as he wanted to run to the water, we carried Lil T to in instead.

At least his sandcastle has plenty décor with all the rocks and shells that we easily found around us.


Location: Umm Suqeim 1 about 3km north of the Burj al-Arab, past Umm Suqeim Hospital.  The beach is located at the corner of 39a and 2nd Streets.

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