Preparing for your House Guest

Having people stay at your house is more than just giving them a place to sleep.  It is about sharing your home—hamburgers, hand towels, and heart.   Make your houseguest feel welcome with the following tips:

  1. Give them a “welcome” kit.
  2. Give them a space of their own. Whether it’s your guest room, the study or the couch, allot an area where you or your kids wont go in and out unexpectedly at various times of the day. If it’s the couch, vacate the premises during sleeping time and refrain from being in the same room/area after the lights have gone out.
  3. Make sure their room is clean with fresh sheets so they can nap as soon as they arrive.   Provide them with an empty drawer and some hangers. SONY DSC
  4. Keep their bathroom clean and add toiletries and fresh towels they can use.  If they are using a communal bathroom, keep personal unsightly belongings out of sight! (things like retainers, ugh!)
  5. Direct them to the nearest bus/train/taxi station and also the neighborhood grocery and pharmacy.
  6. Let them know what to expect.  Let them know when you can take them around, where you are taking them to dinner, etc.
  7. Teach them how to operate your tv/home theater/dishwasher/washing machine, etc.  I know this seems pretty basic but home appliances have different settings and features, so even if one knows how to turn it on, without the right settings, a white shirt could turn blue (due to heat).
  8. Show your guests where to find snacks, glasses, utensils and encourage them to help themselves.
  9. Give them a backgrounder of a tourist spot with your own personal insights. SONY DSC

10. Take photos of them 🙂 My cousin did that for us.  I didn’t really ask her or expect it of her, but because she’s a camera whiz, we now have wonderful memories of our vacation.  A few candid ones of Lil T remain to be my most favorite shots of all time.

I hope your guests enjoy a warm and memorable stay with you.  And extend the favor when it’s your turn too ;p 


2 thoughts on “Preparing for your House Guest

  1. You and hubby have always been great hosts habibti! Feels like I’m in a spa or resort whenever I visit you guys. A complimentary aromatherapy massage… what more can I ask for? =)

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