About Me


I am Cristina.

I got married to my boyfriend of 6 years in 2008.  Since my ultimate destination always involves fine, white sand and deep blue waters, we decided to wed on a picturesque island in El Nido, Palawan.    What was planned as intimate celebration with a few family and friends proved to be, as they said, “the best wedding they’ve ever experienced!”

We quietly settled in a nice home with a sprawling garden at the foot of a mountain.  Fresh air, exotic birds, and a lot of greenery were abundant all year round.

My hubby continued with his passion of law.  And I opened a home spa.  We decided on a long honeymoon.  My hubby and I have toured so many countries, sometimes just the two of us, other times with our families and friends.  All these travelling have made us  Shangri-La Golden Circle Diamond members and Hilton Honors Diamond members, and now we can’t wait to use our points 🙂

After a couple of years, I gave birth to our first baby.  He’s a squiggly, snuggly, happy (and messy) baby that seems to have inherited our excitement for the new and unknown.

Four months ago, my hubby accepted an expat posting with the Middle East arm of his company.  So here we are now, new and eager to explore Dubai and it’s neighboring countries.

In this blog, you will find several posts on moving to Dubai, which for me would have been helpful had I known them before.

You’ll also get a lot of reviews on resorts, hotels, restaurants, and the many new places my family and I will soon discover.

This diary is an attempt to document our new lives in this Arabian emirate.

Feel free to leave a comment, ask me a question, or give me suggestions.

Expect new posts every weekend. Enjoy reading!

email: diaryofadesertfox@gmail.com


26 thoughts on “About Me

  1. This all sounds really exciting. I also married my long time boyfriend and moved overseas shortly after – from Australia to London! I’m looking forward to reading more about your trips as I have seen a lot of the world but not the parts near Dubai! Happy travels:)

    • thanks a lot! I visited your blog–You’ve been to so many places. How fun it is to travel! But at the end of the day, it’s not where you are but who you’re with 🙂

  2. Hi. I recently moved to Dubai too:) I was in Abu Dhabi before that, but quit working once I had a son- who is almost the same age and your son (he was born August 10, 2011). I really look forward to reading your blog, as I am a foodie too and can’t wait to get out and discover more Dubai gems!

    • Hello Bridget! Marhaba Alf (Welcome a thousand times) yes lil T is as the same age as your son 🙂 He’s such as joy to have! I am contemplating about working as I am very attached to him, esp now that he’s interacting a lot. Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

  3. Hi Cristina! Thank you for your blog, I came across it as I was looking for more information about the Old Town… as a matter of fact we’ll be moving to Dubai from London and my husband is about to rent an accomdation right now. We have been looking at Old Town for the same reasons, as we have 2 boys (slightly older then your son :-)) and also because I want to be able to walk a bit! Are you happy so far with your accomodation? Any tips on the areas inside teh Old Town, would be much appreciated! Many thanks! Maryna

  4. Hi Maryna! Thank you for visiting my blog. I enjoy living in Old Town because it’s so convenient: I can easily walk to Dubai Mall (esp during Thursday nights or holidays when everybody complains of traffic and parking); taxis are aplenty and many are waiting for you at the Al Manzil Hotel which is a stone’s throw away from our building; my gym, my eye shop, the supermarket and a couple of good restaurants are walkable. Also for a mom, you’ll be happy to know that the Old Town is a family-friendly area. You’ll meet many mothers with young kids in the play areas, pool, parks 🙂
    Our apartment is lovely. You just have to lower your expectations on service on maintenance requests and you’ll be happy. Good luck 🙂

    • Hi Cristina,

      just wanted to thank you, and sorry for the late reply! It is reassuaring to know you like the place, we are right now looking at flats in Old Town and JLWTC
      … who knows, might even become become neighbours and meet you lovely family, say at Baker &Spice? (have just one near our place in London and love it! ;-))
      Wish you well!


  5. Really enjoyed finding and reading this blog! I’m currently looking into moving to Dubai for a teaching position. I’m from Canada. Do you know about the teaching situation there? Looking forward to reading more!

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