On Protecting your things

Me: Hey please don’t do that! Do not throw my itouch like that! That’s not nice.

Lil T: (looking at my itouch on the floor)

Me: Do you understand? Look at me.

Lil T: (gets off the couch, walks towards me until he’s 3 inches away from my face—my knees were bent..then he looks.. stares at me..)

Me (wanting to laugh and trying so hard to keep a straight face): Don’t do again ok? It’s only the ball you can throw, ok?

Lil T: (unemotionless.. and then..) Hide it..

Me: What’s that?

Lil T: Hide it! (now with conviction) Hide it in there!! (points to the nearby room)


Lesson:  You should know that if you don’t want anyone messing up with important/expensive/personal stuff, keep it away from them.