Summer House, Zighy Bay

Lil T is an easy boy to care of.  He already sleeps 12 hours straight from 8pm-8am.  We brought his nanny along only so hubby and I can go out on a date after 8pm 🙂

Our date that night involved a smorgasbord of food.  We might be small compared to our Western counterparts but boy can we take in a meal, especially after a day of swimming.

Even from afar you’ll notice that Summer House Restaurant’s terrace was set up with low lighting and candles.  This time of the year allows for cooler temperatures and you can very well have an excellent dining experience outdoor.   It was just so romantic and serene.  I found a couple already cuddled together, their food getting cold (blush).

Appetizers and deserts were located inside but everything else, you can find outdoors.

I always liked live cooking stations even if it’s just for an omelet. Food cooked before your eyes enhances your dining experience.  

As expected in Arabic Buffet, there’s a lot of lamb and chicken, alone or in the form or shawarma and shish taouk.  Here they also had BBQ for beef, prawns, calamari, and fish. Yum yum yum yum!!

We found the staff efficient and knowledgeable, also very friendly.  The F&B Manager, Rei, realizing that we’re new to the region shared little anecdotes about Dubai and Oman.

He also recommended for us to try their Umm Ali, a traditional Arabic dessert.   It’s sort of a bread pudding with lots of milk.  We have tried this before in other restaurants but something was always off.  Here at Summer House, I believe they got it right.   It quickly became my fave version of the dessert.  I’m craving for it now just thinking about it.  You know the feeling when you’ve paid top dollar and you’ve been ripped off?? Well, that certainly is not the case here.  The food was exceptionally delectable.

My pictures are very few, it was really dark outside.  And these I have shared with you don’t do justice to the food. Forgive 🙂

This was one of the most enjoyable Arabic Buffets we’ve had.  The warmth shared over our dinner plate is an unexpected plus.


Six Senses Zighy Bay, Oman

We packed our bags, filled the car with gasoline, and basically gave in to what everyone was raving about.  Funny that even those who haven’t been to Zighy Bay were saying how nice it is.

The drive to Oman was filled with views of burning sand.  This is a sharp contrast to the glittering buildings of Dubai.

We left our vehicle 5 km into our destination and the resort’s 4×4 fetched us.  Actually the vehicle we brought was already a 4X4 but we just didn’t know if the dirt road was safe enough.  We found that yes, it was safe but at least we got to save on heavy-duty car wash.

Upon arrival, we were greeted with cool towels, fresh fruit drinks, and a welcome handshake from couple of managers of the resort.   It felt very warm and personal, they kept telling us to contact them in case we needed anything.

Our Pool Villa Suite has a lovely rustic feel to it.  The master’s bedroom has a king bed, a TV, a couch, as many pillows as you want, his and hers sinks, an indoor bathroom, a separate toilet cubicle, and a bathtub.    Without our asking, they also included a baby cot for Lil T.  He used it only for play though as we always bring his own along.

The master’s bedroom is separated from the living areas, thus allowing privacy for us as we decided to bring Lil T’s nanny along.  The living room is furnished and comes with it’s own bathroom, sink, toilet so if you’re a couple you need not worry about your companions coming inside your room to use the bathroom.  And by the way, the bathrooms here also open up to outdoor shower areas showcasing the glorious rugged mountains behind it.

Both master’s and living rooms open up to a very enticing private pool.  Ah, to swim in splendid isolation is just bliss. 

For your massage needs, there is a separate fully air-conditioned room within your villa premises but outside the living areas.  It comes with 2 massage beds.

When you explore outside, you’ll find the communal pool is small compared to the number of guests the place can accommodate.  But then again, won’t you rather swim in your very own pool?

Or the beach perhaps? 🙂

Look after yourself though, I didn’t notice any lifeguards.

If you’ve already had too much of the water, the resort offers a number of other activities.  As for us, we took our little boy to the organic garden, picked out some veggies and went for goat-feeding.

It was Lil T’s first time to see a goat, or any animal that isn’t a house pet.  He didn’t flinch one bit, in fact, he kept moving towards them.  Maybe he thought they were dogs!

Six Senses Zighy Bay markets itself as a luxury destination.  We definitely had a blast and enjoyed ourselves to the fullest.  Service was impeccable and the food was very good.  We relished the food so much, it deserves a separate post.

The villa is spacious with complete, even superfluous amenities.  Having lived much of my life in the Philippines, the rustic look is nothing new to me.   Our nanny, also Filipino, even said it reminded her of her house in the province. Lol!  I did appreciate that the villa was intelligently decorated as if everything just fell into place, making it less effortless and more organic.  I was also very pleased with our location, away from the noise and busy areas, as we requested.  

What really appealed to us and what we indulged in was the general comfort of space and privacy.  Material things can easily be purchased.  But life’s true luxuries—space, solitude, and choice aren’t always readily available.   And that we abundantly found at Zighy Bay.