Win Free Plane Tickets! Dubai-Manila-Dubai

Being overseas, I always look forward to holidays back home. Knowing that I’ll be seeing my family and friends and going to places in my past always excites me! And how much more exciting could it be if you could go home for FREE!!

Yup, you read that right. For my dear UAE kababayans, I bring you the chance to get roundtrip plane tickets.. on the house! ☺

Proudly the only Philippine carrier to fly direct to Dubai, Cebu Pacific Air joins with GMA Pinoy TV to bring 100 lucky Filipinos to no cost!

100luckyjuans_GMAlogo copy

Who Can Join:

All Filipino citizens who comply with the following:

– Ages 25 to 65 years old

– Subscribers of GMA International Channels – MENA airing

– Legally residing in UAE – Allowed by employer to have a Leave of Absence on October 7 onwards (depending on return date)

What To Do:

• Simply like Cebu Pacific’s page here, look for the 100 Lucky Juans app and enter to join.

• Once you are there, get creative! You’ll be asked to answer the question “How will I make my homecoming in the Philippines fun?” And you can do this by via a 2-minute Video, a 1 Photo Collage, or a 200-word (maximum) Text/Story Format.

How fun is that?

Contestants will be judged according to creativity, adherence to theme and number of “likes” you will get on facebook. Contest runs until August 18. Travel period is from October 8-November 30, 2013. I’ll be posting winners and updates on this contest on this blog so dont forget to come back or subscribe to receive emails from me. Don’t forget to like my facebook page as well here.

Good luck!!

Fun travels,



Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi

I have lived here long enough (close to 6 months) to realize that Dubai and Abu Dhabi tend to do things in a big way.  And this “Grand” mosque is no exception.

This masterpiece is one of the largest and most beautiful architectural places of worship in the world.

While I am spiritually inclined to St. Peter’s Basilica, I made it a point to see this.

Seeing it from afar you will already appreciate its immaculate whiteness contrasting Mother Nature‘s blue skies.


This mosque is not only a place of worship, but a place of information and education as well. Non-muslims are allowed to enter except on Friday mornings.  Before you go inside their holy place, you will be required to wear an abaya and a tarha for ladies and for men in shorts, a thobe/kandura/dishdasha.


I visited this mosque twice.

My first visit was with my sister, about 2 years ago during a holiday in October.



One of this Grand Mosque’s very distinct features is the white marble that is vastly used, symbolizing purity and piety.

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque houses imported chandeliers from Germany that include millions of Swarovski crystals.

The main prayer hall has the world’s largest hand-knotted carpet.  This beautiful green 21,325-square-foot  carpet took about 2 years to create.


The place felt very spiritual, immediately giving me a sense of peace and calm.  The quiet ambience also allowed us to appreciate the mosque’s stunning surroundings and beautiful interiors.

The second time I visited, with my little family and in-laws, was just last month.  It was busier this time.  Our visit just before dinner made me see the mosque in a different light.   In the evening soft bluish gray lights fill the domes, marbles light up and showcase its design, and the black night seems to darken against this huge white dwelling.






Whether during the day or at night, Muslim or not, this place has been one of the most popular ones to see in the region.  If you are in Abu Dhabi or even in Dubai, a visit is a must.