Win Free Plane Tickets! Dubai-Manila-Dubai

Being overseas, I always look forward to holidays back home. Knowing that I’ll be seeing my family and friends and going to places in my past always excites me! And how much more exciting could it be if you could go home for FREE!!

Yup, you read that right. For my dear UAE kababayans, I bring you the chance to get roundtrip plane tickets.. on the house! ☺

Proudly the only Philippine carrier to fly direct to Dubai, Cebu Pacific Air joins with GMA Pinoy TV to bring 100 lucky Filipinos to no cost!

100luckyjuans_GMAlogo copy

Who Can Join:

All Filipino citizens who comply with the following:

– Ages 25 to 65 years old

– Subscribers of GMA International Channels – MENA airing

– Legally residing in UAE – Allowed by employer to have a Leave of Absence on October 7 onwards (depending on return date)

What To Do:

• Simply like Cebu Pacific’s page here, look for the 100 Lucky Juans app and enter to join.

• Once you are there, get creative! You’ll be asked to answer the question “How will I make my homecoming in the Philippines fun?” And you can do this by via a 2-minute Video, a 1 Photo Collage, or a 200-word (maximum) Text/Story Format.

How fun is that?

Contestants will be judged according to creativity, adherence to theme and number of “likes” you will get on facebook. Contest runs until August 18. Travel period is from October 8-November 30, 2013. I’ll be posting winners and updates on this contest on this blog so dont forget to come back or subscribe to receive emails from me. Don’t forget to like my facebook page as well here.

Good luck!!

Fun travels,


Shopping in a Yurt


We have both agreed that this place is our new fave 🙂 With a whole floor of cutting-edge, one-of-a-kind fashion from brilliant local designers and celebrated Thai couturiers showcased in contemporary tree-hugging shops, what’s not to love? Siam Central is soo refreshing and sets itself apart from the safe, tried-and-tested malls our there! Their original prices (a lot were on sale) are about ten times that of Platinum Mall’s, but then so is the quality and design exclusivity.

Global brands can be found on a different floor and restaurants are on the top floor.









The Life and Times of Chatuchak


With narrow pathways, nonexistent air-conditioning, overcrowded areas and some smelly spaces, you’d think this weekend market would be terrible a waste of time.  However, Chatuchak remains to be one of Bangkok’s main tourist attractions garnering close to 200,000 visitors a weekend! Rock-bottom prices and abundance and variety of items from exotic animals to local designer clothes continue to pull people in, myself included.  My tip is to get yourself a map to zero in on zones you want to spend time on.  Also bring a shopping bag and a bottle of water.  Arrive early as it tends to get busier in the afternoons.  I must warn you though, it’s not for everyone. My dad hates it but I, however, can tolerate it for a couple of hours 🙂


Here you can get easily get something for less than USD5


Busy bag maker oblivious to crowds and heat


Refreshing coconut is always a good idea 🙂











Siam Kempinski Hotel, Bangkok


You will find hundreds of hotels close to the city’s shopping areas but we were glad we chose Siam Kempinski.  Our hotel was right across Siam Paragon, a few minutes away from Siam Central, and walking distance to the BTS train station.  And if you’re too lazy (or have too many shopping bags), buggy rides can take you to and fro Central World.   But what we were pleased about was the comfort the place offered.  The hotel is impressively designed—modern yet cozy.





The rooms are spacious with huge beds, extra soft pillows and duvets, and your choice of subtle or bright lighting. Despite the very central location, evenings were always peaceful and calm. Not a whimper of street noises at all.




The pool was huge and inviting with plenty of lounge

areas to get a healthy dose of Bangkok heat.



Breakfast buffet was nothing extraordinary but we found it extra sweet that the restaurant packed us sandwiches on the (early) morning of our flight, since we would be missing the breakfast buffet. This was a first for us and something we truly appreciated 🙂


From start to end, our stay was perfect 🙂

Sawasdee Ka!


Photo Credit: Smile Magazine

Photo Credit: Smile Magazine

Hello from Bangkok– land of major Buddhist temples, traditional water fights, unbeatable shopping, and flavorsome curry!

“Bangkok is one of the world’s top tourist destination cities. MasterCard ranked Bangkok as the global top destination city by international visitor arrivals in its Global Destination Cities Index, with 15.98 million projected visitors in 2013. The city is ranked fourth in cross-border spending, with 14.3 billion dollars projected for 2013, after New York, London and Paris. Euromonitor International ranked Bangkok sixth in its Top City Destinations Ranking for 2011. Bangkok has also been named “World’s Best City” by Travel + Leisure magazine’s survey of its readers for three consecutive years since 2010. “  (

The capital of Thailand attracts visitors of all ages, races, and wallets!   Everything is within budget, whatever your budget is—Khao San Road is for backpackers while The Peninsula is for well-heeled tourists. It is one of our favorite places to visit—food is lovely, people are pleasant, and shopping is second to none!  And if rock-bottom prices in Chatuchak Market and Platinum Mall aren’t enough, the Amazing Grand Sales from July 15 to August 15 will knock your socks off! Imagine a plethora of branded clothes, jewelry, designer bags, and even electrical goods with a flashy red sign saying S-A-L-E at the store door!

Photo Credit: Bangkok Events Calendar

Photo Credit: Bangkok Events Calendar

Photo Credit: Tourism Thailand

Photo Credit: Tourism Thailand

Shopping aside, a major reason for selecting this place is because my DH (Darling Husband) missed Thai food so much (there are a lot of Thai restaurants in Dubai but it’s a bit “westernized” already) that he asked me to book tickets to Bangkok.

I, the trailing spouse, will go anywhere with him (umm..maybe with dangerous countries as the exception) and planned this holiday with pleasure.


With wallet-friendly rates for trips around Asia and now Dubai, it was automatic for me to choose Cebu Pacific Air.  Lucky me because at the time of my booking, the company had a promotion wherein 2 adult seats from Manila to Bangkok cost just $600 (about AED2000, Php26,000, or THB18,800).   That’s with extra baggage allowance and extra leg room seats already 🙂

And did you know that right now Cebu Pacific is giving away 100 free tickets from Dubai to Manila.  Visit this post for more details.

In the meantime, I’ll go back to my sticky rice. More stories on our trip here coming soon.


Three Things to Try in Key West

There are 3 things Key West is known for.

One is tasty, one is sweet, and one is spectacular.


Served as an appetizer or finger food, these morsels are made of medium to large-sized sea snails known as “conch”.  These chunks of chewy meat held together by a batter mixed with peppers or spices are deep fried into crunchiness.



The crown jewels of the Keys is this yellow citrus fruit, the main ingredient of the place’s most famous dessert.  Key lime is smaller and seedier, and has a greater acidity than most standard limes. Key limes also have a more tart and bitter flavor.

Made of key lime juice, egg yolks, and condensed milk, it was a lovely, tart-y, fluffy end to our meal.

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square. Photo Credit: coolkeywest.comSunset Celebration at Mallory Square
Photo Credit:

There’s no escaping the famous Key West sunset.  You can catch it at Mallory Square gazing over local artists and vendors, outside your hotel balcony, or on the boat at the end of your Key West water adventure.  Some swear the sunset at Key West is the best they’ve even seen!

Photo credit: Expert Vagabond

Photo credit: Expert Vagabond

As warm as the sun is the camaraderie felt throughout the Keys whether it’s the waitress genially suggesting their Cuban food specialties, dancers inviting you to sway your hips to salsa, or artists sharing stories behind their masterpieces.  In Key West, living is easy, everybody is friendly, and the weather is fantastic.  Staying there for a couple of days felt similar to seeing an old friend after a long time.  Even though it’s a new environment you can’t help but feel at home.

Fly FREE and be one of the 100 Lucky Juans!

You were asked to tell us how you would make your homecoming fun and your entries went from hilarious to heartwarming!  I was pleasantly entertained.

As expected of Filipino culture, there were lots of entries on family bonding..





And some made me want to revisit the Philippines most amazing islands..




But what I would consider my ultimate favorite is a Gangnam Style Video entry that got me laughing my heart out!


Applause to everyone! Give us more! And remember, be creative 🙂 For details on the contest, please visit this post.

Winners will receive FREE roundtrip tickets from Philippine carrier, Cebu Pacific Air 🙂

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Travelling the Philippines

Key West Water Adventure

Overflowing with energy the day after a fab Key West wedding, our group was ready for more fun.

After considering several different water adventure companies, we decided on Sebago.

We paid about $160/each for an all-day all-inclusive water fun that included jetskiing, snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, and parasailing.  The crew had a great dynamic among themselves.  They were fun to have around and were extremely helpful. I heard other companies can be stingy with meals but here we had a wide spread!  If you are burning calories in the middle of the sea, food is definitely a primary concern.  We were absolutely taken cared of–the staff would even hand over a beer (only after you’re done with jetskiing) before you ask for it.


IMG_0004IMG_0038 IMG_0050IMG_0063

Everybody had boundless splashes of fun! I particularly enjoyed being harnessed to a parasail, suspended in the air, gliding over the ocean, and seeing different colors underwater from up above.  My friend’s 4-year old daughter couldn’t have felt safer and was all smiles throughout the experience.

You see Sebago even tailored the speed of banana boats or water dipping when parasailing to the fearlessness/fearfulness of the riders. The little girl did not get wet at all. My friend and I were dipped over and over again! It was fun!

Worth every dollar.


Up Next: 3 Things to Try in Key West

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Que Vola from Key West

Que Vola from Florida

Que Vola!  (means  “What’s Up” in Cuban)

A hundred miles from Cuba, Key West is an island at the southernmost tip of Florida Keys.

An anchored concrete buoy in Key West, Florida marking one of the extreme points of the United States.

An anchored concrete buoy in Key West, Florida marking one of the extreme points of the United States.

Given its location, 90 miles from Cuba, the island was a natural port of call for Spanish-speaking fishermen, beginning in the early 1800s. Though English still dominates throughout the Keys, our friend and Irish’s new hubby Juan, who is part Puerto Rican was very at home speaking espanol with some of the locals.

Going around in a scooter is the best way to see Keys.   I specifically enjoyed the sea view and soft breeze along South Roosevelt, which was the way back to our hotel.  Most hotels can hook you up with rental companies.

My friend being taught how to drive a scooter. A first for her in 10 years.

My friend being taught how to drive a scooter. A first for her in 10 years.

Going out for a ride

Going out for a ride

Driving around a car is also uncomplicated.  Maps are everywhere and locals are more than friendly to help you with directions.

Key West is a come-as-you-are, let-your-hair-down, laid-back town of picket fences, eclectic shops, and warm personalities.  Overall, it gave such a charming vibe that managed to make even an adult club look wholesome.

IMG_3553IMG_3552IMG_3548 IMG_3547 IMG_3530IMG_3546 IMG_3550

photo 3 IMG_3511

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Are you the Lucky Juan?

Hello my lovelies!

You may have noticed my recent posts (and a few future ones) have been about my Keys disease—everyone having good vibes, exploring this charming little town called Key West, getting the most out of our beach vacation, and just having fun being with each other.

I simply couldn’t get enough of those pozzivibes so let’s have some more.  Here’s a big CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of the 100 Lucky Juans contest.

100luckyjuans_GMAlogo copy


Jive Gonzales—There’s no place like home

John Cabrillos—My Homecoming

Ernesto Payumo—Duyan ng Kamusmusan

Jeddalyn Aquino—I love Philippines

Joan Llanilo—Surprise to my Mom


Michael Cerillo—Dream Homecoming

Ma. Cristina V. Cerillo—My Happy Homecoming

Griselle Reston—Sama samang saya sa simpleng paraan

Myra Abamonga—From Dubai to Philippines with love

Glenda Orale—My Kids

Joanna Lou Baluyut—Vacation galore with my son

Karen Cabangon—Family Bonding- A Priceless Happiness


Gina Basilan—Surprise To My Responsible Bro & My Only Child Ineng

Andrea dela Cruz—There Is No Place Like Home

Jeff Bello—Unforgettable Moment

Charis Mae Moody—Sweet Homecoming

Maryann Francisco—Ang Muling Pagbabalik

Aque Bornalo—Pamilya ang Una sa Lahat ng Bagay

Rhonel Tugaoen—My Kids


Suzette Jalandoni—TGIF Skype with My Family

Jem’s Corner—My First Flight to Dubai at NAIA 2007

Tristan Bangero—Gangnam Style LBC Dubai

Michael Gracel—Every Juans Fly With Us

Hyden Restificar—Miss Ko Na Ang Pasong Pinoy

Fritz Ferdinand—One Touch! One Smile 🙂

Ginalyn Caputol—Grant a Wish

imagesFeeling lucky? Join now! Contest runs until August 18, 2013.  Who knows you might be the next Juan to travel for free! Click this link and to started. 

Good luck!

Keys to My Heart

One of my oldest friends invited me to her wedding in Key West Florida, how could I not say “yes”?   This lady and I bonded back in the day when junk food was taboo and swearing was a crime.  We both came from a Catholic educational institution run by nuns that dictated everything from the length of our skirts to the songs to sing for Friday masses.

This same friend also flew from the USA to attend my attend in El Nido, Palawan, drove two hours from New Jersey to Delaware to attend my baby shower, then drove another hour to bring me to Baltimore the next day.  She is one of those who stayed in touch and one of those I stay in touch with.

It is no surprise that I enjoyed watching man and bride take their vows, sand on my feet and wind on my face.




And when the clouds took a step back to allow the blazing array of colors of the setting sun, I saw the glowing faces of the new husband and wife, staring at each other intensely and with certainty.


photo (6) copy



**Coming Soon: Our Key West Adventures**